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Extraordinary Exterior: Giving Back To Your Skin

*This article was originally posted on on December 2, 2013 to promote Body Time products and services* As our largest organ, skin has a tough job. This major sensory highway isn’t just a canvas for moisturizers or makeup, but is our first line of defense against infection and injury. It consists of two major … Continue reading


BYB, A Year in Review and Redemption

Hello everyone! It has been many licensing exams, herbal addictions, and overachiever guilt trips since I have updated this blog, so I just wanted to offer y’all a little check in. My last post, The Batch Is Back, A Love Story, was published close to an ENTIRE YEAR AGO, and then I seemed to quickly … Continue reading

Dog Spa

The Batch Is Back, A Love Story

It has been 8 whole months since my last Backyard Beauty post, and while my intention was not to completely abandon this site, certain priorities forced me to put this project on hold for a while. I was planning to just fall right back in to my article writing, product reviewing, and recipe making, but … Continue reading

Deodorant Ingredients

Oh No Shea Di’int – Shea Butter Deodorant

Uh oh, you stink! And with the summer drawing near, that BO is only going to get worse. Sure you could try to cover it up with perfume sprays and lotions, but its better to stop the stench before it starts. Drug store brand antiperspirant deodorants have racked up a pretty poor reputation as of … Continue reading


Teaching An Old Plant New Tricks

PREACH IT #3: Why Natural Isn’t Always Better Making decisions about personal care products can be laborious and complicated, and for those of us battling rosacea, eczema, acne, or even chronic dry skin, the chore becomes even more of a gamble. While the natural beauty industry promises real results with less harmful chemicals, many people … Continue reading


Beet Your Lips Better – Moisture Repair Lip Stain

Ouch! Got dry, cracked lips? The winter weather can really mess yo sh** up, but that’s no reason to say no to lip color. If you want a little pout pop without the drying effects of lipstick, try whipping up this moisture rich formula. All you’ll need is vegetable glycerin (which you may already have … Continue reading

A Wrinkle in Judgement

Taking the Emotional Crap of Acceptance

PREACH IT #2: Why Patience Is The Best Wrinkle Cream People change. It’s what we do. You might always prefer white meat to dark meat. Your mother might never stop reminding you that something on the stove is hot. Your jerk boyfriend might always be a jerk. But as humans, we simply have no choice … Continue reading


Vegetable Glycerin – More Prime For Your Dime

Until recently, eyeshadow had never been my thing. Eyeliner, YES. Foundation, OF COURSE. But eyeshadow always just seemed a little too flashy, and rarely ever looked natural (I know, I know – as if that’s ever really the look I’m going for). Plus, with my oily skin, it only took a few hours to get … Continue reading

Spa Day!

“Treat Yo’ Self!” – Occupy Salon Chair

PREACH IT #1: Why Caring About Your Looks Doesn’t Make You A Bad Person If you’re a fan of the NBC show “Parks and Recreation,” you’re probably familiar with Tom and Donna’s “Treat Yo’ Self” philosophy. While presented comically, it is a major theme of the show, even bringing the skeptical Ben Wyatt to treat … Continue reading

Jamie Foxx as "Wanda Wayne"

“Rock Your World” Without Petroleum

Ok, so who remembers Wanda Wayne from the “In Living Color” sketch from back in the day? She was the so-called “Ugliest Woman on Earth” (played by Jamie Foxx) always slathering Vaseline on her lips in between gasps and desperate attempts by others to escape her seduction. While Wanda may have not have always been … Continue reading


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